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Septic Tank & Field Line Repair in Georgia

Understanding your septic system is important in establishing the proper waste management is underway, preventing costly repairs to your septic tank. The septic tank is the place where the waste from the residential, commercial, or industrial property is treated and then released back into the soil surrounding your property. Waste and wastewater are created and disposed from multiple areas within your property. That includes kitchen sinks, showers, toilets, and appliances – all of which are streamlined to your septic tank through one pipeline. Generally speaking, the things you put into your drains matter and can ultimately cause your system to fail – thus leading to major or minor repairs. Advance Septic Solutions has the proper tools and knowledge base to make sure your sewage system is properly working. In the case that it isn’t, our team is fully equipped to determine the issues and give a comprehensive repair plan to get your septic tank systems back in working condition in no time.

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A baffle tee poking out of a septic tank is shown as part of septic tank repair

Corrosion to the inlet and outlet baffles can be the cause of improper waste or effluent flow in your septic system. The inlet and outlet baffles are vital to a streamlined process of waste disposal from your property to the actual tank. The inlet baffle creates a path for direct flow of waste from the property sewer downward into the tank to help with the time functions of the tank, allowing for longer waste detention to ensure previous sewage properties have settled. The inlet system also keeps floating debris from plugging the inlet pipe. While the primary functions of the outlet baffles are to prevent debris from blocking drainage areas, it also ensures effluents are clear from the effluent zone. Any type of damage to your system’s baffles can cause blockages in the drain field and a need for repairs.

Grass is soaked with overflowing wastewater from a home needing septic tank repair

One of the major signs that your septic system is in need of immediate repairs is odor or identifying sewage on your property. If you begin to see this, it is imperative for you to have our licensed professionals out to your property to check the water levels in your tank to determine if there is a blockage in your septic systems pipes. This can be determined by an observation of low water levels in your tank. If levels appear to be higher than the outlet, than the source of the problem may be caused by something different, such as needing the system to be pumped. We can get a team out to your property in no time for an inspection to help get your septic system the repairs it needs.

An overflowing drainfield dug out by an excavator in a yard that needs septic field line repair

Noticing an odd odor emanating from your yard may be tell-tale signs that you are in need of a system repair. A failing drainfield is liable to cause issues with the soil surrounding the tank, making it soggy. This is considered a biohazard. If the drainfield is failing, then the need for a repair to your system is immediate. A drainfield malfunction can involve something as simple as needing a repair to the pipe leading to the septic tank. However, not taking immediate action can take a simple pipe repair to needing a complete replacement of the drainfield system. Advance Septic Solutions is aware of all the repair processes approved by the local health departments and state environmental agency, and are approved to give you the proper services needed for your property.

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The best way to prevent any major repair cost to your residential, commercial, or industrial property is to know the state of health your septic tank system is in.

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